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auberge été

50th anniversary


On November 4, 1972, Auberge La Cache, the dream of Mr. Donat Landry, opened its doors to its first customers. This avant-garde man with a personal investment favored its creation with the help of the family foundation. Called at the time the GROUPE DES QUINZE (founded by Mr. Gérald Landry), which later became UNIFONCO, made possible the realization of this magnificent hotel project. A family business that allowed Natashquan, this wonderful jewel so sung by Gilles Vigneault, to develop and offer quality lodging to its visitors.

At the time, the inn had 15 rooms, a dining room, a lounge and a bar. It was owned by the family until 2015. Since then, it is the pride of its owner Mr. Richard Beaudry. He has taken up the challenge of allowing the continuity and sustainability of this family business.

Today, Auberge La Cache offers its clientele 4 units all equipped with bedroom, living room, kitchen and private bathroom, 16 country rooms with private bathroom, a dining room, a living room and an outdoor shelter with fireplace.

On behalf of the entire Landry family and Mr. Beaudry, we would like to thank all those who, through their dedication and hard work, have contributed in some way to the vitality and sustainability of Auberge La Cache and thus, of their beautiful village, Natashquan.

And above all, a huge thank you to our loyal clientele, our raison d'être for all these years.

Thank you for your trust.